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Waverly Stud specialise in dressage warmbloods / sporthorses that have been specifically bred from the very best German & Dutch bloodlines. Our younger dressage horses that have been raised by us have been handled daily. They learn to lift their feet for inspection and cleaning from their first days and lead calmly in hand.

Dressage training is tailored to individual strength and conformation and only begins when we are satisfied the horse is ready. The result: the most trainable, loveable, beautiful young horses that we are so proud of! Only proven German and Dutch blood lines are used in our breeding programme.

Regular exchanges with our international network means that the best ‘soft’ knowledge – in relation to what is working and not working - is incorporated into our breeding plans and guided the acquisition of our mares.

Of the 71 horses / bloodlines currently in our breeding programme, these include the following breeds:-

BWBS (1)
Founded originally in 1977,as The British Warmblood Society, The Warmblood Breeders' Studbook - UK is devoted to the breeding of pedigreed horses for all competitive equine disciplines at the highest level. We support and encourage the use of the best and proven Warmblood lines and we are a full Category A member of the World Breeding Federation for Sports Horses. The best European bloodlines can be found in Britain within the Warmblood Breeders' Studbook - UK and in order to maintain that high standard, strict quality controls are enforced to keep the society on a par with those abroad.
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Hanoverian (16)
A Hanoverian is a warmblood horse originating in Germany, which is often seen in the Olympic Games and other competitive English riding styles, and have won gold medals in all three equestrian Olympic competitions. It is one of the oldest, most numerous, and most successful of the warmbloods. Originally a carriage horse, infusions of Thoroughbred blood lightened it to make it more agile and useful for competition. The Hanoverian is known for a good temperament, athleticism, beauty, and grace and particulary suited to dressage, show jumping, eventing, show hunters, and leisure riding.
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Holsteiner (1)
The Holsteiner is a breed of horse originating in the Schleswig-Holstein region of northern Germany. It is thought to be the oldest of warmblood breeds, tracing back to the 13th century. Though the population is not large, Holsteiners are a dominant force of international show jumping, and are found at the top levels of dressage, combined driving, show hunters, and eventing.
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KWPN (4)
A Dutch Warmblood is a warmblood type of horse registered with the Koninklijk Warmbloed Paardenstamboek Nederland (Royal Warmblood Studbook of the Netherlands (KWPN), which governs the breeding of competitive dressage and show jumping horses, as well as the show harness horse and Gelderlander, and a hunter studbook in North America. Developed through a breeding program that began in the 1960s, the Dutch are some of the most successful horses developed in postwar Europe.
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Oldenburg (42)
The Oldenburg is a warmblood horse from the north-western corner of Lower Saxony, what was formerly the Grand Duchy of Oldenburg. The breed was built on a mare base of all-purpose farm and carriage horses, today called the Alt-Oldenburger. The modern Oldenburg is managed by the Association of Breeders of the Oldenburger Horse, which enacts strict selection of breeding stock to ensure that each generation is better than the last. Oldenburgers are tall sport horses with excellent gaits and jumping ability. The breeding of Oldenburg horses is characterized by very liberal pedigree requirements and the exclusive use of privately-owned stallions rather than centralization around a state-owned stud farm.
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Rhinelander (2)
The Rhinelander is a German warmblood registered with the Rhenish Horse Studbook. The Rhinelander is traditionally bred around Warendorf State Stud, which it shares with the Westphalian. The Rhinelander is bred to the same standard as the Westphalian and other German warmbloods, such as the Bavarian Warmblood, Mecklenburger, Brandenburger, and Württemberger.The breed standard calls for a horse of correct sport horse type that is long-lined, fitting into a rectangular outline rather than a square, and noble, a term that suggests aesthetic appeal that does not entail extreme refinement. In motion, the Rhinelander should portray boldness, a long stride, and an elastic quality at the walk, trot, and canter. The temperament, character and rideability of the Rhinelander make it suitable for any type of recreational or competitive riding. These horses are primarily bred for dressage and show jumping.
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Westphalian (5)
The Westphalian, or Westfalen, is a warmblood horse bred in the Westphalia region of western Germany. The Westphalian is closely affiliated with the state-owned stud farm of Warendorf, which it shares with the Rhinelander. Since World War II, the Westphalian horse has been bred to the same standard as the other German warmbloods, and they are particularly famous as Olympic-level show jumpers and dressage horses. Next to the Hanoverian, the Westphalian studbook has the largest breeding population of any warmblood in Germany.
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Made up of the following:- Brood Mare (10), Colt (19), Filly (17), Gelding (5), Stallion (20), Young Mare (2),

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